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Joe Greer (Evangelist)
An Anchor for the Soul 12/03/17 am
Who Is The Antichrist? 11/26/17 am
Thanksgiving 11/19/17 am
Prayer in the Early Church 11/05/17 am
Galatians 5: The Flesh and the Spirit 10/22/17 pm
Grace and Obedience 10/22/17 am
Jesus Is Worthy 10/15/17 am
Why Do These Things Happen? 10/08/17 am
The Lord’s Day 10/01/17 am
Titus 3:1-7 – Change 09/24/17 pm
Seven churches of Asia – Laodicea 09/24/17 am
Christians Helping Christians 09/17/17 am
Sin Requires Repentance 09/03/17 am
Spiritual Maturity 08/27/17 am
Infant Baptism 08/20/17 am
History of Baptism 08/13/17 am
Known by God-Knowing God 08/06/17 am
Abortion 07/30/17 am
He Built Two Calves 07/23/17 am
Paul Defends His Apostleship- 2 Cor. 12 07/16/17 pm
Seven churches of Asia-Philadelphia 07/16/17 am
Paul’s Godly Jealously – 2 Cor. 11 07/09/17 pm
Temptations for Preachers 07/09/17 am
Opportunities in Africa 06/11/17 am
The Will of God 06/04/17 am
Seven churches of Asia-Sardis 05/28/17 am
Psalms 88 05/21/17 pm
Scroll Burning-Jeremiah 36 05/21/17 am
James Chapter 1-Expository Sermon 05/14/17 pm
A Living Faith 05/14/17 am
NT Character Studies-Stephen and Phillip Part 2 05/10/17
Must I Be Baptized To Be Saved? 5/07/17 am
NT Character Studies-Stephen and Phillip Part 1 5/07/17
Seven churches of Asia – Thyatira 4/30/17 am
Jesus Speaks About Authority 4/23/17 pm
Jesus Speaks About Marriage and Divorce 4/23/17 am
Concerning The Resurrection 4/16/17 am
Ephesians 4:11-16 It Takes All 3/26/17 pm
God’s Word…A Living Word 3/26/17 am
Seven churches of Asia-Pergamos 3/19/17 am
Third John 3/5/17 am
Naaman, Go Wash In The Jordan 2/26/17 am
The Church That Jesus Built 2/19/17 am
The Boldness of the Disciples 2/12/17 pm
On This Rock-Caesarea Philippi 2/12/17 am
Seven Churches of Asia Series – Smyrna 2/5/17 am
Zacchaeus-Chief Tax Collector 1/29/17 am
Count the Cost 1/22/17 pm
The Parable of the Prodigal Son 1/22/17 am
Seven Churches of Asia Series – Ephesus 1/15/17 am
Psalms, The First Three Chapters 1/1/17 am
Lessons From Titus Chapter Two 12//25/16 pm
Read Your Bible Daily 12/18/16 am
The Farewell of Moses 12/11/16 am
Blinded 12/4/16 am
Letters To The Thessalonians 11/27/16 pm
I Tell You The Truth 11/27/16 am
Heaven, My Home 11/20/16 am
When the Election is Over… 11/13/16 am
A Child’s Obligation to Their Parents 10/30/16 am
The Husband and Wife Relationship 10/29/16 am
What Makes for a Good Meeting? 10/23/16 am
Fields White Unto Harvest 10/16/16 am
The Lord’s Winnowing Fan 10/09/16 am
Daniel and the Lion’s Den 09/18/16 pm
The Valley of Dry Bones – Ezekiel 37 09/18/16 am
God’s Watchman-Ezekiel 33 09/11/16 am
The Understanding Savior 09/04/16 am
Introduction to Ezekiel 08/28/16 pm
Walk as Children of Light 08/28/16 am
Lessons From A Pencil 08/21/16 am
Words From Jeremiah Chapters 5-7 08/14/16 pm
The Christian, Alcohol, and Wisdom Lesson 2 08/14/16 am
The Christian, Alcohol, and Wisdom 08/07/16 am
God Responds to a Humble Heart 07/31/16 pm
Great is the Forebearance of God 07/31/16 am
Rebuke and Promises to Israel – Isaiah 28-32 07/24/16 pm
What Jesus Taught at Lazarus’ Tomb 07/24/16 am
Preaching in Zimbabwe 2016 07/17/16 am
Pride 07/10/16 pm
One Hundred Percent Pure 07/10/16 am
I Thought About My Ways-Ps.119:57-64 am
Poor Decisions Can Come Before Good Judgements 06/05/16 pm
Following the Pattern-Benevolence 06/05/16 am
It was a Sin to Count the People-1 Chronicles 21 05/29/16 pm
Following the Pattern-Evangelism 05/29/16 am
Man is an Emotional Being – The Psalms of David 05/22/16 pm
Following the Pattern for the NT Church 05/22/16 am
Winds of Change:A Woman’s Role in the Church 05/15/16 am
God’s Promises to David 2 Samuel 7 05/08/16 pm
A Mothers Love 05/08/16 am
I Am the Resurrection and the Life 05/01/16 am
The Second Coming In Ten Words 04/17/16 am
A Message to Tell. Lesson 5. Acts 1 04/10/16 pm
And He Restrained Them Not 04/10/16 am
I Am the Good Shepard 04/03/16 am
Easter and the Resurrection 03/27/16 am
Trip to Israel : Mt Carmel  1Kings 18 03/27/16 pm
Remember 03/20/16 pm
The People’s Church 03/20/16 am
Trip to Israel : Caesarea Maritime 02/28/16 pm
A Servant’s Heart 02/28/16 am
Winds of Change : Singing is Clear – Psallo 02/21/16 am
Winds of Change : Instrumental Music 02/14/16 am
Pharaoh’s Hardened Heart o2/07/16 am
The Old and the New Covenants 01/31/16 am
Made In God’s Image (Sermon in Song) 01/17/16 am
Trip to Israel : Introduction – From Dan to Beersheba 01/10/15 pm
Winds of Change : Silence of the Scripture 01/10/16 am
Winds of Change : God’s Authority 01/03/16 am
A New Year’s Sermon 12/27/15 am
The Birth of Jesus and His Purpose 12/20/15 am
Why Read the Bible? 12/13/15 am
Our Hope and Security 12/06/15 am
I Am the Door 11/29/15 am
I Am Thankful 11/22/15 am
Deception Never Pays Off 11/15/15 am
The Spiritual KIngdom of God 11/01/15 am
They Had Been With Jesus 10/25/15 am
Christ for the World (Sermon in Song) 10/04/15 am
Marriage and the Vows 09/27/15 am
Let There Be Light 09/20/15 am
When the Roll is Called 09/13/15 am
Serving the Lord with Gladness 09/06/15 am
The Bread of Life 08/30/15 am
Do We Leave the Ninety and Nine? 08/23/15 am
Back to School 08/16/15 am
Beware of the Lion! 07/26/15 am
Pre Africa Lesson 2015 07/05/15 am
Homosexuality and the Supreme Court 06/28/15 am
Walking with God 06/21/15 am
An Attitude Toward Worship 06/14/15 am
Does God Ever Give Up On People? 05/31/15 am
Ezra – An Example in Service 05/24/15 am
The Lighthouse Brigade 05/17/15 am
Has Your Church Left You? 05/10/15 am
An Eye-Opening Experience 05/03/15 am
Go Tell the Good News 04/26/15 am
A Message to Tell II 04/19/15 am
A Message to Tell 04/12/15 am
Super Churches 04/05/15 am
Sin in the Camp 03/22/15 am
God’s Eternal Purpose 03/08/15 am
How Can We Be Like Jesus 03/01/15 am
Moses Becomes a Leader 02/22/15 am
Who is a Christian? 02/15/15 am
Obedience Without Question 02/08/15 am
Give Attention to Reading (Genesis 25-48) 02/01/15 pm
Lessons from Lot 02/01/15 am
Give Attention to Reading (Genesis 1-24) 01/28/15 pm
The Scriptures are Sufficient 01/28/15 am
Give Attention to Reading 01/11/15 am
History Repeats Itself 01/04/15 am
God Seeks Man to Worship Him 12/28/14 pm
You Have Not Passed this Way Before 12/28/14 am
Gifts I Would Give Myself 12/21/14 pm
A Great Cloud of Witnesses 12/21/14 am
Having a Successful Gospel Meeting 10/07/14 am
A Salvation Worth Suffering For 11/30/14 am
Fasting (Part II) 11/23/14 am
Fasting (Part I) 11/16/14 am
Exhortations from First Thessalonians 11/09/14 pm
They Realized They Had Been With Jesus (Short Talk) 11/02/14 pm
The Unsinkable Ship 11/02/14 am
Why We Must Praise God (Sermon in Song) 10/26/14 am
Safeguarding Your Faith 10/19/14 am
What’s in a Name? 09/28/14 am
Lessons from the Prayer of Jesus 09/21/14
The Man Whom God Accepts 09/14/14 am
A Lesson from Hosea 09/07/14 am
My Peace I Give to You 08/31/14 am
Faith Demands a Response 08/24/14 am
Depression 08/17/14 pm
“Bible Study” 08/17/14 am
Marriage in the Eyes of God 08/10/14 am
Africa 2014 08/03/14 am
What is Truth? 07/27/14 am
What Does it Mean to Magnify God? 07/06/14 am
God is Our Strength 06/29/14 am
Following the Pattern IV 06/22/14 am
Following the Pattern III 06/15/14 am
Following the Pattern II 06/08/14 am
Following the Pattern 06/01/14 am
Africa II 05/25/14 pm
The One True God 05/25/14 am
Attendance 05/18/14 am
Hear Him 05/11/14 pm
An Attitude Toward Modesty 05/11/14 am
The Necessity of Repentance 05/04/14 am
Africa 04/27/14 pm
Living for Christ in a Changing World 04/27/14 am
Lessons from Songs 04/20/14 pm
Is Sincerity Enough? 04/20/14 am
Three Things David Told Solomon 04/06/14 am
Citizenship in God’s Kingdom 03/30/14 pm
Teaching Our Children Spiritual Principles 03/30/14 am
Apollos 03/23/14 pm
Standing at the Crossroads 03/23/14 am
Sowing the Seed II 03/16/14 pm
Sowing the Seed 03/16/14 am
III John 03/09/14 pm
To The Work 01/12/14 am
Preaching 01/12/14 pm

Lessons from Other Members:

Ken Case
Give Attention to Reading (Judges 6 – 1st Samuel 4) 03/29/15 pm

Ray Coneys
Hope-Anchor of the Soul 06/18/17 am
Give Attention to Reading (Psalm 3 – Psalm 26) 06/14/15 pm
Give Attention to Reading (Leviticus 7 – Numbers 3) 02/22/15 pm
Lessons from Ruth 07/27/14 pm
Does Prayer Change Things? 01/19/14 pm
Do Not Grow Weary In Well Doing 12/01/13 am

Vince Constantino
Give Attention to Reading (Psalm 27 – Psalm 50) 06/21/15 pm
Prepare to Meet Your God 11/09/14 am
Six Unconditional Promises 07/13/14 pm
Trust in God 05/18/14 pm
Ready to Give an Answer 12/29/13 am
Faithful People of God 04/14/13 pm
Book of Remembrance

Brent Duncan
A Parent’s Obligation to Their Children 10/30/16 am
A Study on Prayer 10/12/14 pm
A Careful Walk with God 01/06/14 am
Lessons We Learn from Judas 06/02/13 am

Barry Hancock
The Necessity of Faith 02/23/14 pm
Mephibosheth 01/26/14 pm
Teach Me to Sleep 12/08/13 pm

Garry Hancock
Give Attention to Reading (Psalm 99 – Psalm 122) 07/12/15 pm
Give Attention to Reading (Joshua 6 – Judges 5) 03/22/15 pm

Erik Hansen
A Heart that the Lord Opened 01/26/14 am

Gene Hansen
Christian Virtues 12/08/13 am

Rick Harrington
“Starting from Scratch” 10/29/17 am
Make Ready the Way of the Lord 07/23/17 pm
Coexist? 06/25/17 am
The Conversion of Cornelius 02/19/18 pm
Seeing as God Sees 11/06/16 am
The Traditional Family 10/29/16 am
The Jubilee and Jesus Christ 02/21/16 am
The Laborers in the Vineyard 07/12/15 am
Give Attention to Reading (Esther 7 – Job 20) 05/31/15 pm
The Parable of the Taker 03/22/15 am
Give Attention to Reading (Exodus 23 – Leviticus 6) 02/15/15 pm
How Do I Get There From Here? 10/12/14 am
Simon and the Sinful Woman 09/28/14 pm
A Lesson from the Cross 08/31/14 pm
If I Had Thirty Minutes 07/13/14 am
Woodcutters and Water Carriers 02/23/14 am
Help My Unbelief 02/02/14 am
A Woman. Water & Worship 01/19/14 am
Why Hasn’t the Church Grown? 12/22/13 am
Born In Bethlehem? 12/15/13 pm
Fiery Serpents 11/24/13 pm
Life is a Highway 11/03/14 am
The Four Faces of John 8 09/29/13 am
What Did Malchus Think?
The Craftiness of the Serpent
What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?
Why Am I a Christian?
The Raising of Lazarus
Things that Blind us to Truth
Lessons From John 21

Daryl Messer
Lessons From Philippians 4:6-7 4/2/17
Thoughts on Suffering 11/30/14 pm
Vessels of Honor 12/29/13 pm

Earl Metcalf
Who Killed Jesus 09/10/17 am
Godly Grandparents 10/30/16 pm
Envy, The Thief Of Joy 10/02/16 am
Life is but a Vapor 06/26/16 am
Three Parables from Luke 15 Part 2 04/24/16 pm
Three Parables from Luke 15 Part 1 04/24/16 am
The Limits of Satan’s Power Part 3 02/14/16 pm
The Limits of Satan’s Power Part 2 02/07/16 pm
The Limits of Satan’s Power Part 1 01/31/16 pm
Is It Worth Dying For? 10/18/15 am
Peer Pressure 07/19/15 am
Give Attention to Reading (Ezra 6 – Esther 6) 05/25/15 pm
Give Attention to Reading (Genesis 49 – Exodus 22) 02/08/15 pm
What to Say to a Wayward Brother 01/11/15 pm
Rebuilding the Temple II 10/26/14 pm
Rebuilding the Temple 10/19/14 pm
Noah’s Preparation & Our Preparation 07/20/14 am
Naaman 04/13/14 am
Giving 12/15/13 am
Violence 04/21/13 pm

Les Wicker
One God More Part Two 4/9/17 am
One God More 09/25/16 am
The Rise of Gender Roll Confusion 03/06/16 am
The Prophesied Christ 11/08/15 am
Give Attention to Reading (Psalm 51 – Psalm 74) 06/28/15 pm
Dinosaurs, the Book of Job and Man 06/07/15 am Dinosaurs PowerPoint
There is no Free Lunch 04/13/14 pm
What About Those Who Have Not Heard? 03/02/14 am
God’s Goodness Questioned by Calvinism 12/22/13 pm

Tristan Wicker
2 Kings 1-2 07/03/2016

Various Men
Sunday Night Singing 07/06/14
Sunday Night Song Learning 06/29/14
Sunday Night Song Learning 06/22/14
Sunday Night Song Learning 06/08/14 pm
Sunday Night Song Learning 06/01/14 pm
Sunday Night Singing 05/04/14 pm
Sunday Night Singing 03/02/14 pm
Sunday Night Singing 02/02/14 pm

Lessons by Visiting Speakers

Alan Fox
Lots Wife 10/23/16 pm

Tim Stevens
The Greatest Rescue Ever 10/11/15 pm
A Day of Agony, Dread and Humiliation 10/11/15 am
Serve One Another 10/11/15 am
Congregational Singing 10/10/15

Tom Holley (Preaching from the Prophets Series)
Lessons from Isaiah I  (08/08/15-1)
Lessons from Isaiah II  (08/08/15-2)
Lessons from Jeremiah I  (08/09/15-3)
Lessons from Jeremiah II  (08/09/15-4)
Lessons from Ezekiel  (08/09/15-5)

Ben Walker
The Waters of Meribah 01/18/15 pm
Five Benefits of Daily Bible Reading 01/18/15 am

Sewell Hall (“Behold Our King” Series)
1) A Divine King 12/13/14 am Power Point
2) A Ruling King 12/13/14 am Power Point
3) An Unchanging King 12/14/14 am Power Point
4) A Shepherd King 12/14/14 am Power Point
5) A Conquering King 12/14/14 pm Power Point

Mark Broyles
A series of six lessons on improving the marriage relationship
The Lord of the Rings, Marriage as God Designed It

Joe Hickman
Power in the Blood 12/25/16 am
The Unknown God Made Known 10/05/14 am

Buddy Payne
Christians as Citizens of the USA
Marriage in a Corrupting Culture
Sexual Sin in a Corrupting Culture
To Spend and Be Spent
We Must Broaden Our Vision

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