We are a group of individuals who have joined together in an effort to be only Christians. Our united desire as a church of believers is to put aside the traditions and doctrines of man-made religions for the simplicity of what we read in the Bible.  Learn more about us.

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Featured Sermon: “Super Churches”

This lesson by Joe Greer explores the phenomena of churches with attendance in the thousands (often referred to as “Super” or “Mega” churches).  What do these churches have in common that make them so popular?  What are the characteristics of churches in the New Testament … More

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“Give Attention to Reading” – Daily Bible Reading Series

To help each member of our congregation grow in faith, grace and knowledge, the Asheville church is reading through the entire Bible throughout the year of 2015. Sunday evenings are devoted to lessons and studies related to the previous weeks’ readings. Click on titles below … More


A Study of the Books of 1st & 2nd Peter

In our Sunday morning  auditorium class we are currently studying the epistles of Peter. We invite you to come join us for this interesting and edifying study. Click on links below to listen to previous lessons.     First and … More


Wednesday Evening Bible Study: Galatians

In our Wednesday evening auditorium class we are currently studying the book of Galatians.   We invite you to join us for this in-depth study of Paul’s epistle which extolls the liberty we have in Jesus Christ.  Class handouts and audio recordings … More