Just Christians  –  We are a group of individuals who have joined together in an effort to be only Christians. Our united desire as a church of believers is to put aside the traditions and doctrines of man-made religions for the simplicity of what we read in the Bible.  Learn more about us.

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Featured Sermon: An Anchor for the Soul

This sermon, presented by Joe Greer, is intended to reinforce the strength and hope we have in God.  When the storms of this life attack us, and all around us is shifting and unstable, we have an anchor that cannot be … More

Bible Lands

Recent Sermon Series: Understanding the Lands of the Bible

Listen to this special series of lessons presented by Barry Britnell of Huntsville, Alabama.  The Bible is a unique book which details the history of God’s people.  It is full of encounters and events that often provide specific geographical references and … More


The History of the Church

This revealing study, taught by Joe Greer, examines the history of the church from both a Biblical and secular perspective, comparing what the New Testament teaches regarding the organization, worship and work of the church of our Lord to what … More

Glasses on Open Bible

2017 Daily Bible Reading

Please join our local congregation in the daily reading of the Bible for 2017.  We have chosen a relatively easy program that is designed in a way that everyone should be able to keep up with the daily readings.  The … More