We are a group of individuals who have joined together in an effort to be only Christians. Our united desire as a church of believers is to put aside the traditions and doctrines of man-made religions for the simplicity of what we read in the Bible.  Learn more about us.

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Behold Our King

Upcoming Gospel Meeting: “Behold Our King” with Sewell Hall

Please come join us December 13th and 14th for a special series of lessons presented by Sewell Hall of Atlanta Georgia.  Click on title above for further details.


A Study of the Book of Ecclesiastes

In our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening auditorium classes we are currently engaged in a study of the Book of Ecclesiastes.   We invite you to come join us in this interesting and practical study related to the meaning of … More


Why Go To Church?

by Joe Greer I have always been perplexed by those who do not see the benefit of attending every assembly of the church.  It is a time of worship to God, a time for building faith and knowledge in His … More

Father reading to his children

Teaching Priorities

by Joe Greer  Learning to set priorities is an important life lesson.  We understand that, and so we strive to teach our children the significance of learning how to effectively use their time.  These lessons begin when they are very … More