Just Christians  –  We are a group of individuals who have joined together in an effort to be only Christians. Our united desire as a church of believers is to put aside the traditions and doctrines of man-made religions for the simplicity of what we read in the Bible.  Learn more about us.

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Building Strong Families: A Biblical Perspective

How can we be the husbands and wives God truly wants us to be, the kind of fathers and mothers who will raise our children in the way that they will please Him and prepare them for adulthood? How do … More


Following the Pattern for the New Testament Church

Many today find themselves confused as to which is the right way to serve God:  Which church should I attend?  What must I do to be saved?  Does God even care how we worship Him? This logical and informative lesson … More


The Gospel of John

In our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening auditorium classes Joe Greer is leading us in a study of the Gospel of John.  The most unique of the four accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, John’s gospel reveals Jesus to us … More


Exploring Islam & Christianity

A recent series of lessons presented by Andrew Roberts comparing the religions of Islam and Christianity.  This informative series provides insight into the vast differences between the two religions as well as dispelling certain myths and misinformation and clarifying what the Qur’an … More