Recent Sermon Series: Understanding the Lands of the Bible

Bible LandsListen to this special series of lessons presented by Barry Britnell of Huntsville, Alabama.  The Bible is a unique book which details the history of God’s people.  It is full of encounters and events that often provide specific geographical references and information.  This series of lessons has been designed to help us see some of these events in the context of the geography in which they took place.  They will bring to light aspects of events we may not otherwise understand and will also help us to increase our faith in the accuracy and reliability of the Biblical record.  Click on title to listen or right click to download.

Understanding the Lands of the Bible
Understanding the land and climate can help us understand some of the Bible stories more perfectly.
Herod, King of Judea  
Understanding who King Herod was and what he did can help us better understand the Gospels and Acts.
Dealing with Evil Influences 
A geographical look at the Israelites’ conquest of Canaan and dealing with evil influences in our own lives. 
Walking Like Jesus  
We’ll look at some of the places Jesus walked and learn lessons that we can apply to our lives.
History of Jerusalem
A look at Jerusalem during the time of David, Solomon, Hezekiah, and Jesus.

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