Building Strong Families: A Biblical Perspective

familyHow can we be the husbands and wives God truly wants us to be, the kind of fathers and mothers who will raise our children in the way that they will please Him and prepare them for adulthood? How do we be children (no matter our age) who will honor our parents?  How can we be the kind of grandparents who will love and influence our grandchildren in ways that will help them serve God?  How can we better prepare ourselves to serve God as individuals no matter what our circumstances might be?  This encouraging and informative series of lessons examines these questions from a purely Biblical perspective.

The Husband and Wife Relationship: From the Beginning, a Divine Creation (Joe Greer) 10/29/16 10:00 am

The Traditional Family: Is it Worth Saving? (Rick Harrington) 10/29/16 11:00 am

A Parent’s Obligation to Their Children: Loving, Training & Leading (Brent Duncan) 10/30/16 9:30 am

A Child’s Obligation to Their Parents: Honor Your Father and Your Mother (Joe Greer) 10/30/16 10:30 am

Godly Grandparents: The Influence of Wisdom (Earl Metcalf) 10/30/16 6:00 pm

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