The Book of Hebrews

IMG_3980In our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening auditorium classes we are currently studying the New Testament book of Hebrews.  This interesting study led by Earl Metcalf helps us understand the true nature and purpose of the Old Testament Law and its ultimate fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ.  We invite you to join us in the study of this challenging, yet encouraging book.  Click on link below to listen to previous lessons.

Hebrews 06/25/17
Hebrews 06/21/17
Hebrews 06/18/17
Hebrews 06/14/17
Hebrews 06/04/17
Hebrews 05/31/17
Hebrews 05/28/17
Hebrews 05/24/17
Hebrews 05/21/17
Hebrews 05/17/17
Hebrews 05/14/17
Hebrews 5/03/17
Hebrews 4/30/17
Hebrews 4/26/16
Hebrews 4/23/17
Hebrews 4/19/17
Hebrews 4/16/17
Hebrews 4/12/17
Hebrews 4/9/17
Hebrews 4/5/17
Hebrews 4/2/17
Hebrews 3/29/17
Hebrews 3/26/17
Hebrews 3/22/17
Hebrews 3/19/17
Hebrews 3/15/17
Hebrews-Introduction Part 2

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