About Us

We are a group of individuals who have joined together in an effort to be only Christians. Our united desire as a church of believers is to put aside the traditions and doctrines of man-made religions for the simplicity of what we read in the Bible. Although we recognize there are some complex teachings within the pages of God’s word, we are of the conviction that the basic gospel of Jesus Christ and the conduct of the New Testament church are fairly easy to ascertain when the scriptures are studied in entirety, in context and with a sincere and unbiased approach. We would encourage all to approach the teachings of the Bible in this manner. Many of us, from differing denominational upbringings and backgrounds, have left behind what we now believe to be religious error and division for what we have found to be the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you visit with us, you will find an unassuming people with a willingness to sit down and from within the pages of the Bible discuss any Biblical question or topic with anyone who wishes to do so. Our heart’s desire is to do so in love, and in patience, and with open and sincere hearts.

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